Sunday, January 22, 2012

Someone special

Every morning, I would see an angel by the bench in our school, laughing with her friends or sometimes chatting. Her laughter and smiles are always charming and attractive. She has straight dark hair, usually ties a four inch long pony tail. She wears spectacle, behind that are a pair of shining, angelic brown eyes. Pale red lips, fair skin and a slightly sharp nose. If compared with any average girls I’ve met in school, she’s considered tall and slim.
If you’re one of her friends, you might hear her saying about herself stupid for not able to achieve flying colours. To me, she’s considered highly intellect or she’s being humble. She has the skill to write interesting essays, stories and the best of all, poems. They are definitely filled with emotions and it’s simple to read. Her skills of playing a violin are absolutely magnificent. The melody of the song would hypnotise your mind, trancing you into a much more relaxed mood. Besides her humbleness, she’s always thoughtful. She would always consider other people’s feeling before making decisions or speak and would never speak ill of other people or hurt other people’s feeling with her words.
I don’t really remember how I actually met her though. She switched into our school two weeks or five after orientation of our school. Neither of us really talked until my best friend introduced me to her. That time, I treated her like a normal friend and she doesn’t really mean nothing to me. A year after, I started to hate her for her inconsiderate attitude towards her friends until I foolishly hurt her feelings and broke her by accusing her wrong doings with only rumours I’ve heard around me. My stubborn attitude is strengthen and sworn not to talk to her ever again.
Six months after the incident, I broke my promise and started talking to her. She, too, has ignored the past and began chatting with me. As time passes, we ended up best friends . Now when I think about it, I regretted for what I’ve done, it’s definitely immature.
Whenever I have a personal problem. She’d be always be there for me, patiently listening to my problem. Then she would cheer me up and sometimes giving me the best solution to solve the problem. Every time whenever I failed to succeed, she’d be there, again. To pull me up from where I fell and reminds me not to give up for every failure in life. For that, she meant a lot to me.
Without her, my sanity would have long gone and would not even write an essay about her. This essay is a tribute to one of my two best friends, Cassandra Chai Yin May and I want to remember this name for my entire life for she have really changed my life.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bayonetta Fortitudo Lyrics

So do dutri mor tremor en
tremor en fultus mor
Fourus, Tremor,
Jurus,Er Sun,
Tremor e mo se evele mo chi wii
Aa sa nevo le, Aa sa nava to
Thosa theebus sorena re
E sirai theebus re,
thesa theebus, Thesa so re,
sa vi la de thor
En vine sive torene ero
la va di sire torane
so va tirine
ire sanva al kimtus ire
amla zuutus im faamitas so la
zoe von esitre mo vo sa mo tas irine to el van
tremor enmor, Jurus, Thibis,
Ele dre sebor inso fumir
ele da tremor volla vir mor.

Bayonetta Sapientia lyrics

This is lyrics is rewrote by me and through lots of listening. Though the lyrics are unidentified but the lyrics suppose to match the music itself.

ilkimtus aa se moro almeno
mohora no olmesso serre semoretus
samira samine es me sen ra
so ville in mi ee illi amla
eh mor so
imli da mara da
de sor (de seban)
No ve si sui re
Somiterio sietu amla
E oh so far de ma illa
Inve so ra tremor

Bayonetta Temperantia Lyrics

This is lyrics is rewrote by me and through lots of listening. Though the lyrics are unidentified but the lyrics suppose to match the music itself.

Oh irami semiti semitus samiro (ah)
seramitius a sa investa sen mo
imli amli amtus
Avivas hamires sena vitus rames
So illa tremor en vor
elle in vitus tremura ventun
amla vesri le intisu ah re
So mire tremorate
Tremor vos an so vasmiti tos re von vameti
tos ro an mitanre rostati
Tremor vos an so vasmiti tos re von hamari
tos ro an mitanre rostati
Tremor, Tremor, Intus
En titamor

Bayonetta Greatest Jubilee Lyrics

Here's the big one. This isn't the official lyrics but it should somehow fit into the music and the lyrics is unidentified. If you guys listen carefully to the solo organ part you could hear some chanting but unfortunately, i could not hear what they're saying so i have no other choice but replace it with (chant), Here goes and enjoy singing

Juubilus dde coupe de lu
Insitas von rei venore sonra
iso mere ra ter
vero teremono inre
inre mono
amla da ambodi
emla di embodi
Di vos esti von vonari e torena o ve votine aso
di es sen vonne vosri ese sonri de te calputuru
Invi en jubilee jobi jo siesiserra tomarin
Naivi darun, Naivi dabo
Naiva Jubi sire du re siru
En Jubalee jubi ju siesiserra tomarin
Naivi darun, naivi dabo
Naivi sususu ruru me na ro
Imhatuv de staso
De natov vi re ha su toevo ahrevate so la umti
So everestu ya tremor en navestie sunla
Hubi su esven to ra sovan la
(chant ) =(
On tremor seshita
so navaso nevarus sesora samil sosunra sore
as ven to sasa sunte tremore ah tome nomeron as sunta sulu treso en
oh il sasila sila

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wilson's Report 2

Friday, 21st January 2011

Gender depended on each other to survive, without one, there won't be another and there will never be another unless someone created another new genetic code scientifically and science told us that Chromosome Y (which only male has it) is getting smaller and smaller and will soon disappear, in other words, there will be no man on Earth, i was quite sad when i heard this since i am a boy. If you have realize, those insulting words describes woman mostly, for example: Bitch (female dog), Fox Demon (Chinese culture calls cunning women who attracts their husband a fox), Whore(prostitute) and i believe there's a lot more you can say and i don't want to dirt my blog with these words even though i use them everyday but hey, no one perfect.

However, both gender just love to insult each other, especially using their private parts as their main target to insult and people just say it is bad to say the word "sex" yet some form writes "sex:___" instead of "gender:___". I believe those who say "the word sex inappropriate" is a pervert themselves. The word "sex" does not have to mean reproducing, it can mean gender, too. Even if it meant reproducing, so what? As i have said in Report 1, WE WERE BORN TO SURVIVE and to survive from extinction, sex is unavoidable but even though i said this, doesn't mean you find women around and rape them, that's different thing because we must not abide moral. So that is why, when someone calls you "perverted", don't get angry, don't get fired up, relax, because who in this world is not perverted? If your parents aren't perverted, how did they create you in the first place? why would they marry in the first place? how did they even fall in love in the first place? We were made to be pervert, to be able to control or not is the problem not whether you're a pervert or not.

Like i've said, without one gender, there won't be another. So arguing who's better is pointless and wasting the precious time and destroying love itself. Its not like "Terminate all Woman, because they've too many weakpoints!", right? So stop arguing about gender nor insult each other with the word "sex" because if you insult "sex" you're insulting God and no one wants to insult God.

Wilson's Report 1

Friday, 21st January 2011

During my research of life, i do realize that there is not complete definition for anything. Human created something just for us to understand what it means but they have the ability to change the meaning without the public knowing. For long we have asked, What is the definition of life? Why were we born? How are we come to life? They are all nothing but guess. For example: Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, it is only a theory but it was applied by many people only because it make sense and it was proven with some small piece of evidence but, once again, if someone asked "Can you prove that Dinosaur are really, actually lizards?" i believe no one can really answer that because skeletons doesn't prove that we were once monkeys.

If you asked for the definition of life, i would say, i will be a fool for defining it completely because life changes from time to time. If I were to be in the prehistoric years like five thousand B.C, i would say "We were born for survival." but in the modern world like now would say "Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." and if you think more of it, do i really make sense? Why did i say two complete different things if there's only one word "LIFE"? and i can only conclude with only one answer, Life changes.